Home of the Redrift Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers

By Christine Russell

I have been in Cocker Spaniels for 54 years, and Goldens for 48. Tony & I live, along with our dogs, Shetland ponies and chickens in a very rural setting with some 3 acres of land.

Due to family commitments I have not been in a position to show, but am passionate about my Breeds. I am a member of three Breed clubs, which I really enjoy the help and support of.

All our Cockers have current eye certificate Glaucoma tests. We have three Stud dogs. Black (parti-coloured bred), Chocolate (also parti-coloured bred), and a Blue Roan excellent type.

This August (2015) Florence had a lovely litter of 7 girls and 4 boys.

In January 2015 Grace had a lovely litter of 4 girls and 2 boys.

In 2013 we had litters with lovely puppies - click for photos.

Georgia and Fraser had a litter of 10 puppies in 2011.

Phoebe had a litter born 1st June 2010.

Our Retrievers are all from excellent blood lines. We have two Stud dogs. Alibren Magnificent at Redrift (Louie) hips 6x3 = 9, and Sansue Bugsy Malone at Redrift (Tristan) hips 5x3 = 8, elbows 0. Both have current eye certificates.

Our Retriever girls - Rose, Phoebe and Sorrell - three of Alibren Magnificent at Redrift daughters, all have excellent hips, elbows 0, and current eye certificates.

All these lovelys are family members.

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Tristan & Louie